History of ASSECE

History of ASSECE

The growing desire to look better, together with the importance to look younger, have both influenced the evolution of aesthetic surgery in the past decade while refining the techniques and materials used.

Unfortunately, although many surgeons are scrupulous and well trained, others are improvising and operating with superficiality.

The behaviour of the latter certainly creates damage to the category and professional image of those who instead are scrupulous towards those that put their beauty in their trust.

This problem is even greater now in a Europe without borders, where a surgeon can also operate in other European countries.

On one hand, in fact, it is easier to exchange and compare experiences and enrich ones technical knowledge by working side-by-side with colleagues from other states, it is also true that individuals without proper training from a surgical, scientific point of view can find openings in other countries easier than in their own, taking advantage of the attraction towards foreigners on behalf of the weaker patients.

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